Split Theme

Awesome split scrolling effect. Scroll down or view demos below:

Column Styling

Full control of each column styling (font, color, backgroung image, video, slider, and overlay).

Image Background

Video Background

Slider Background


WooCommerce support

[recent_products per_page=»6″ columns=»3″]


Optional custom Portfolio post type with post filter


Display blog posts in various layouts


Highlighted Features

[themify_icon icon=»fa-check» style=»large»] Split Scrolling
[themify_icon icon=»fa-check» style=»large»] Column Styling
[themify_icon icon=»fa-check» style=»large»] Transparent Header
[themify_icon icon=»fa-check» style=»large»] Portfolio
[themify_icon icon=»fa-check» style=»large»] WooCommerce
[themify_icon icon=»fa-check» style=»large»] Infinite scroll & masonry layouts
[themify_icon icon=»fa-check» style=»large»] Animated page loader effect

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